Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TMH Part 2 The Stripped Dresser Part 1

Here's my painting that I modified for This Month's Header.

The Harley art (below), for the 1958 model brochure served as inspiration. At the time I only had a postage stamp sized image for reference and thought it was cool so, wanted to do something like it only with more of a 60's look. The bike was made a 1960 model by changing the gas tank paint, emblem, and a headlight nacelle. I used the rocket graphic from that eras saddlebags along with some stars for the background which sort of gives it a Jetsons feel.

I call this style of Harley a "stripped dresser" since from about the 60's onward, FL's were pretty much sold with windshields, saddlebags, luggage racks, spot lamps, parking lights/turn signals, etc.

Rigid frame bikes definitely make the best choppers and bob jobs but, in my opinion, the Duo-Glides look even better when it comes to this stripped down elemental form.