Monday, February 9, 2009

If I Die Before I Wake

You never know where the inspiration of a new blog is gonna come from. Well check this out. A headstone with this etching in it.


Weird? Cool? I dunno…I’m still trying to digest just what this stone means to me.

I'm not one to make a big deal about life an death. At least not yet. That all could change the instant I realize things are going south on me in a very big hurry, and I don't have shit to say about it....

I know, here's another headstone that kinda weirds me out:
Makes ya wonder what was going on here when the wifey had this marker made?

Now this really, really creepy headstone leaves one to frankly worry about how it is our loved ones really thought of us.


For humor, I like this one..."EXPIRED” I’m laughing my ass off at this one! Can you imagine being the kid of these people, and actually having to go there and place flowers on this grave? Or how about the memorial? Ahhh these people were loved in their life for sure!

Here's a whimsical tribute to a married couple. How cutesy YUCK...I really don't think I could stand the thought of my grandparents being stuck in that cold granite...ugh...

Oh my God, I could do this all day! People will do the weirdest things when they are dead...or is it their kids who do it to em? I know some people actually plan their stuff like this years in advance...but how do you get people to follow the wishes of some of the really weird ones?

I think, if I am going to be put in the ground...(I'm thinking cremation is really the way to go for me...) But, if I were to be put in the ground, I would like this kind of headstone....


It's a simple boulder...I'd like to see some shit assed kid kick this gravestone over one night while a party was going on....!