Friday, January 2, 2009

A ride is on!

Hey y'all...I'm excited! Tomorrow the weather prognosticator says it is gonna warm up to around 58 degrees! Now, I really do ride almost in any weather...but I do LOVE when we get weather that is unexpected for this time of year! Now the forecast does call for partly cloudy skies...uhhh duhhh, that's what's gonna make the weather a tad bit warmer tomorrow! So what if I get a bit wet? Lord have mercy....I'm dyin for a full day of wind time! I'm gonna bring my camera...make notes of the roads I will be actually on...and I will be sure to comment fully on the ride for you guys!

You know what? after almost 38 years of riding...I haven't gotten tired of it yet...
I really can't explain what it is. It's not "freedom". It's not "brotherhood"'s not solitude...but that comes close...It's everything about the motorcycle, about the air, about what I feel coming through the handlebars, the seat...the foot pegs...anywhere my body makes contact with the bike...something is communicated...that I just don't know how to describe. Something is there that belongs to me alone...that you can't have, and I can't share,

OK so it's coming up tomorrow...on the 3rd...look out for what ever my fingers decide is gonna go in here...cuz my brain won't have a thing to do with what gets written after a ride!