Monday, December 29, 2008

Rode to work today.

OOOweeee, it was a cold one out this morning. Mom was gonna drive me into work the AM, but she must of had a bad night of it last night, because she wasn't moving at the appropriate know, the last five mins. before it's time to get in the car and get out of the Ponderosa and head for Dodge?

My dog Jock was sound asleep, I had to wake him up, help him get on his feet...and get his blind ass out the door to pee. Then lead him to the kitchen, and get him his breakfast and meds...I love that old doubt.

It's time to go, Mom is starting to stir...I tell her not to worry, I am gonna take the bike to work this morning. She tells me to be careful of the pipes with my will melt the material. OPPsss well, Ma, I already took care of that problem by putting on my old leather know, the tan ones that have three years of oil spray from the rockers on them? Over 100,000 K of oil on them? I may not look like I'm going to work as an executive Secretary...but then, I'm just temping for my sister at the County Mayor's office anyway! OH OH...I hope she don't become embarrassed over my dress code...pretty much try to look good, but be well ready for riding home in the fricken cold! I'm wearing my HD boots today...but at least my pants look good! Not wearing blue jeans!

I love riding, I don't care what the temps are, as long as the road conditions are snow, no ice...then I'm all up for a good ride...but I swear to God, I'm gonna go get gloves at the farm store at lunch today. The ride this morning was at 34 degrees, and no gloves. I want a good pair of goat skin those are soft, warm and fit well. Nothing like Kid skin to make your hands feel like pampered and cherished entities...I always seem to neglect my hands. All the same, I'm glad it's only six miles to was cold without gloves...and my sleeve of my jacket was handy, but not always effective to curl my fingers up in!
I love riding...gonna do it till I die an un-natural death.